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Restaurant Review: Vien Chau, Mui Ne, Vietnam

March 27, 2017

Vien Chau is a fully vegetarian restaurant located around 20km from the fishing village of Mui Ne, Vietnam. 


We initially found the restaurant on Happy Cow however there were no reviews and the location on the map wasn't accurate. After finding the restaurant's Facebook page, we used Google Maps to locate it.  


The restaurant is rated as inexpensive on Happy Cow but judging from the exterior of the building combined with the beautiful view of the river and mountains, we were hesitant on the accuracy of this.  



The majority of dishes costed around 25-30K dong (£1 ish). The menu was in Vietnamese (no english) but you can guess which meals are rice (com) or noodles (mi) and as the restaurant is vegetarian, you know that anything you do get will have no meat therefore I just pointed at some cool dish names and that was that. 


The food was delicious, the views are beautiful and the coffee was amazing. After four meals (we eat a lot), two coffees and one smoothie between two people, the total cost came to around 150K dong (£5). 



If you're in Mui Ne and struggling to find decent vegetarian food, definitely check out Vien Chau. It's in the town of Phan Thiet and is completely worth the extra journey. As it's a bit further out, there are a lot less tourists at the restaurant and more locals, which is a good sign of the quality and value of the food. 


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