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Top Five Apps for Travelling

March 27, 2017


As wi-fi crazed travellers and meticulous list makers - we need apps that help us to travel cheaply and efficiently. Here are our top five apps we’ve used while travelling. 


1. Maps.Me

This app is amazing, free and works offline which is perfect for travelling without constant 3G or wi-fi. It uses the GPS location on your phone to track your position and so far seems to be fairly accurate (we’ve used it in Thailand, Vietnam, Prague & England). As well as using it as just a normal map you can save down locations under customisable categories. Ours currently consists of vegan spots, awesome places, free wi-fi spots and hostels. The app also gives directions and calculates your route.


2. Happy Cow 

Happy Cow shows the nearest eateries around in the categories of vegan, vegetarian, vegan/veg options available & health stores. You can easily find good vegetarian and vegan food. It shows the price category as well, for example using $ to show a place as inexpensive. As mainly budget travellers we tend to stick to the $ places and are yet to experience the world of $$$. Check out the reviews at the bottom of the restaurant page to see if they're recent and good. However, the Happy Cow map function is not always accurate, particularly in countries outside of the UK. The address is usually right, so copy and paste the address into Google Maps to get an accurate location and directions. If you're not sure if a place is open, try and check for an active Facebook page or other social media account. 



There's a lot of comparison apps/websites out there for finding great flight deals but has some pretty good deals. All your bookings are stored on the app and you have access to all your flight information and tickets when needed. All communications with the company so far have been very helpful and any queries we’ve had have been answered and resolved very quickly and professionally. 



We love It's our favourite accommodation booking app to use. The app syncs with your calendar and saves all of your booking information perfectly. Once you have booked a few times with the company, you become a 'genius'. Not 100% sure you get any more deals but the title is awesome - genius booker. 


5. XE Currency 

Changing currencies is hard. XE Currency is really easy to use and shows a number of different currencies at one time. Perfect for thinking in different currencies. 



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