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Happy Friday Kitchen - 100% Vegan Oxford-Based Cafe

November 22, 2017

Vegan stuffed crust pizza, mac ’n' cheese and breaded chicken tenders are just a few of the plant-based goodies that await you at the new Oxford-based vegan restaurant, Happy Friday Kitchen. 


Located on Cowley Road, the restaurant is easy to find and boasts a warm, welcoming interior and offers comfort food, baked goods, craft beers & cocktails - all 100% vegan. 


We were lucky enough to be invited to the trial evening to test out the American-inspired goods, it’s a tough job but we accept. 


Throughout the evening we tried a number of dishes on the new menu starting with a vegan stuffed crust pizza. After becoming vegan around two years ago, we have never been able to get our hands on a stuffed crust pizza and now it was in front of us and it was delicious. We had the margarita and the meat loafers - both really tasty. The meat-topped pizza is made up of a combination of mock meat substitute including seitan. 


Next up we tried the mac ’n’ cheese, using macaroni pasta, spring onion and an actual cheesy tasting sauce, unlike other attempts we’ve tried elsewhere, this tasted really good.


Despite being inspired by junk food, none of the dishes were greasy and everything was made freshly.


Anything put in front of us, we ate. All the burgers have now merged into one giant vegan bad boy but the one that really stood out was the burger stuffed with mac n cheese - the appropriately named ‘Mac Daddy’. A bit of a weird concept but totally nailed it. The burgers used either soy patties which were flavoured really well or seitan and had a combination of avocado, tomato, and lettuce. 



Finally, we tried out a breaded chicken tenders with bbq sauce. The breadcrumbs were flavoured really well and the chicken was nicely textured and firm.


Warning to all vegans, they sell Vego and iChoc bars, you will spend all your money. Why is it there is no financial limit when something is vegan? Why?! It’s like all control goes out the window, must work on that. 


We accompanied our feast with a chamomile tea and lemonade. Also on offer will be a selection of teas, soft drinks, beers as well a raspberry mojito. 


The independent cafe is set to offer vegan cakes and goodies too, we will definitely be returning when the cake cabinets are all filled up. Judging by the size of the cabinets, fingers crossed for lots of cakes.


We try to go to all-vegan restaurants as much as possible but the majority of the time the vegan options are just a fraction of the menu, a small fraction at that. Another opening of a plant-based restaurant really shows the demand and hopefully sets the stage for many more vegan eateries to come throughout the UK. 


We’re really excited to see how this place will grow in the future and hopefully encourage more people to try vegan food and show the endless possibilities that a plant-based can provide, not just in Oxford but from all over. As we all know, vegans WILL travel for food. Days, weeks, we’ll be there. 



We’re not totally sure about the prices yet as we were at a trial evening but judging from the cost of the drinks, we assume meals will be really reasonable. 


Happy Friday Kitchen is set to open on the 25th November and will be open 12pm-8pm every day. 



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