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Thousands Pledge to Go Vegan For Lent

February 15, 2018


Thousands have vowed to ditch meat and go vegan for lent after PETA released a passionate feature explaining the massive impact going vegan can have on climate change, fighting poverty and having a clearer conscience to name a few. 


Lent has officially kicked off, beginning on Ash Wednesday following on from Shrove Tuesday or what most people call it - pancake day. The period of observance lasts about 40 days and traditionally has much spiritual meaning for Christians as they prepare for Easter and sacrifice something in their lives just as Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice.  


PETA’s Pledge to Go Vegan for Lent has clearly hit home with thousands taking up the pledge and honouring God’s creatures in such a pure way.


“God’s design for the world was one in which animals and humans co-existed peacefully and humans were caretakers—not killers,” PETA President Ingrid Newkirk, said in a statement.


“Every single person who was inspired by PETA to choose merciful vegan meals for Lent is helping to bring His vision of peace and compassion into our turbulent world.”


With Veganuary 2018 seeing an epic record-breaking number of participants pledge to go vegan for the month of January and thousands more following a vegan lifestyle for lent, veganism is going from strength to strength. Some restaurants have even become fully vegan following on from the sheer demand for vegan food and increase in sales. This is the year veganism can become entirely mainstream and we’re very excited for what’s to come! 


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