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Five Ways to Get Free Accommodation While Travelling

May 24, 2018

Free accommodation may sound like a traveller’s impossible dream but it’s completely achievable. The cost of putting a roof over your head each day quickly mounts up even if you’re a budget traveller only staying in multi-bed dorms.


By using these free accommodation tricks, you can free up your budget and spend more money on excursions, transport and daily living expenses. All this adds up to an even greater adventure. 


Getting a place to stay for free is great and is easy to do once you start but you also gain experiences that you might not have before. You get the opportunity to be totally immersed in another culture or see how another family live day-to-day, truly living like a local. 


With a world to explore, here are five ways to get free accommodation while travelling. 


1. Volunteer 



Volunteering is a great opportunity to get your hands on some free accommodation (and even food) whilst experiencing local culture, making friends and getting some hands-on experience. Usually, volunteers would take part in around four hours of work a day which can range from helping out around the house to teaching English. There are several websites where you can find incredible opportunities all over the world. Try taking a look at WWoofing and Workaway


2. Work at a Hostel



Hostels are not only a great place to meet people but regularly require travellers to help out. Whether you’re tending bar, tidying up or helping out with admin, hostels are perfect for travellers looking to save money whilst still meeting lots of people and having fun.


If you intend on picking up work as you go then make sure you wow the manager with effective communication skills and personality as this is key for hostel workers. However, if you prefer to secure a position before you’ve reached your destination then head to


3. House Exchange



This one only applies if you have a house to swap but is another great way to find free accommodation. Home exchanges are a fantastic opportunity to live like a local. Websites such as Home Exchange connect homeowners from all over the world. 


4. Couch Surfing 



A very popular option amongst backpackers, sleeping on a friend’s floor or couch surfing allows you to see so many corners of the world for free. Whether you’re on a friend’s couch or staying with a local, you get to experience life and culture perfectly. There are several websites to connect travellers with couches, the most popular being CouchSurfing. Other websites include Tramplinn and The Hospitality Club


5. Work-Trade 



For you creative types, this one’s for you. Whether you’re a photographer, writer or DJ, you can leverage your skills with different businesses as you travel. Be sure to have a killer portfolio ready and head to hostels or hotels to strike up a deal and you could be walking away with free accommodation. 


A great way to target where to go is by looking on their social media pages and website to check out their content, if a hostel needs new interior shots or needs a DJ for the evenings to hype up the crowd then it’s a perfect match. This option requires you to carry your own equipment but the hours of work you need to carry out would be much less than volunteering in most cases. 


However you decide to travel, hopefully, these five options will help free up your budget and make your adventures last longer. If the idea of getting free accommodation still sounds like a dream, be sure to start with volunteering.


It can help lead you into it without being too overwhelming. Finding free accommodation while travelling is fantastic and once you start, you realise how far your money can truly go. 


What’s your go-to option for securing free accommodation while on the road? Let me know in the comments below. 




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